Múlafossur Cottages: Vacation rentals for your trip to the Faroe Islands

Múlafossur Cottages are located by the world-renown waterfall in the village Gásadalur on the Faroe Islands. It is a truly magical and secluded place, with sights of sheep, birds and highland cows - all nestled by the river that leads down to the Múlafossur waterfall. It truly is a place for everyone: families with kids who want to play in the river and friendly surroundings, couples who want to unwind and spend quality time together and adventurers who want to hike and explore.

The cottages are close to various amenities: It is only a 15-20min drive from the only airport on the islands, shops and cafes as well as some of the most astounding Faroese sceneries such as Drangarnir, Tindhólmur and the lake Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn. 

We currently have six cottages to rent: Tjaldurssmáttan, Lundasmáttan, Spógvasmáttan, Ternusmáttan, Súlusmáttan and Gásarsmáttan that were built between 2020-23 by the family-owned company: Foss.fo. While the buildings are small and cosy they comfortably house between 2-6 people. The layout inside the cottages differs slightly, with room for more guests in Spógvasmáttan, Ternusmáttan, Súlusmáttan and Gásarsmáttan. Be aware that you do need to climb a ladder/stairs to get upstairs as shown in photos. Included in the package deal are wifi, bed sheets, towels and kitchen and bathroom essentials. There is unfortunately not yet a washer dryer on the premises. 

Please make sure that you look at all the photos in the Photo Gallery and The Cottages folders, to get a true idea of what we have to offer.

Do get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

10 reasons why you should choose to stay at Múlafossur Cottages

1. The Cottages are only a 10-minute walk away from one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Faroe Islands: The Múlafossur waterfall in Gásadalur. No need to worry though - you’ll still be staying in an incredibly secluded area in the valley.

2. We’re only a 10-15minute drive away from the only airport on the Faroe Islands.

3. Vágar is home to some of the most beautiful, iconic landmarks on the islands - You’re never far away from places such as Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn (The lake above the ocean), the beautiful view to Tindhólmur and Drangarnir and the lovely walk to Trøllkonufingur in Sandavágur.

4. Vágar is an island that’s connected by the undersea tunnel and there is therefore easy access to most of the larger islands. It only takes about 45 minutes to drive to the capital Tórshavn.

5. The cottages are in itself an experience: Cosy, beautiful and a place for you to recharge and make beautiful memories.

6. People don’t come to the Faroe Islands to sun-tan on the beach. We always tell guests to be prepared to experience every season in a single day. However, no matter the time of the year you’ll be able to experience the raw beauty of the Faroes. During the summer the Gásadalur valley is beautiful and green, and in the winter it is frequently covered in snow.

7. We, the Lauritsen family, are always ready to help! Whatever you need, we’re only 10 minutes away.

8. The cottages are equipped with the most necessary things you could need so that you can easily cook, shower or make a cup of tea.

9. You’ll be surrounded by incredible nature and wildlife: Birds, sheep, hares and highland cows are our favourite neighbours.

10. We're proud to have high ratings on Airbnb, Booking.com and Google, proof that our guests are enoying themselves when they come visit - we know you would too! 

What our customers say about us:

"We had an incredible experience staying in this Airbnb on the Faroe Islands. The natural beauty of this remote village is nothing short of breathtaking, and our accommodation only enhanced the magic of our trip, providing an authentic Faroese experience while still being convenient to explore the islands. The host was warm and helpful. The house itself was cosy and charming. We loved waking up to stunning views. The interior was clean, well-equipped, and had a genuine Faroese feel, making our stay truly memorable. Our stay on the Faroe Islands was an unforgettable journey, and this Airbnb was a key part of the experience. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic and unique escape in one of the world's most awe-inspiring locations."
Airbnb, October 2023

"We were fortunate to have the opportunity to stay here for 3 nights. It has been surreal. Everything from the interior of the hut to the surroundings is impeccable. And they probably had the most high tech tap. The kids love hopping over stones and playing by the water. Thank you Jákup for making your dream and our dream come true🤩"
Google Reviews, July 2023

"We more than enjoyed our unfortunately short stay at these cottages and wished to stay longer! This place is truly magical! The village with its inspiring surroundings as well as the beautiful cottages! The owners created (or still do) this place with passion. The huts come with modern equipment following a green, eco-friendly path. Just like the several ones covering the whole island like a spiders web. The hosts are incredibly friendly and supporting. There are several extra information about the area in a booklet in the hut."
Booking.com, May 2023


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