Helpful websites for planning your Faroe Islands Itinerary

Are you preparing a Faroe Islands itinerary before you start your journey? Or want to know more about the things to do on the Faroe Islands, before making up your mind if it’s even worth going?

We’d argue that you’ll get more out of your trip if you do a bit of homework beforehand. Therefore, we've compiled a list of the most helpful websites you should explore. In this blog post, we'll take you through these invaluable resources to ensure your Faroe Islands adventure is a memorable one.

1. Visit Faroe Islands 

Visit Faroe Islands should be your first stop when planning a trip to this Nordic island paradise. The official tourism website offers a wealth of information, including details on accommodations, transportation, and attractions. Here you'll find travel guides, itineraries, and tips for a memorable Faroese experience.

2. Visit *insert Island name* (Visit Vágar, etc.)

While Visit Faroe Islands covers the archipelago as a whole, many of the individual islands have travel websites as well. For example, Visit Vágar focuses specifically on Vágar, one of the bigger islands on the Faroe Islands. Here, you can get in-depth insights into the local island culture, attractions, and accommodations.

3. Guide to Faroe Islands 

If you’re happy to splurge a bit on guided tours, Guide to Faroe Islands is your go-to source. The website also offers handy travel tips and inspiration, including articles on the best times to visit and recommendations for outdoor activities and tours.


The Faroe Islands are a hiker's paradise, with countless scenic trails waiting to be explored. But we must highlight how dangerous the terrain and weather conditions can be, especially considering the rise in recent tourist rescue missions. offers guided hikes and boat tours for your ultimate adventure experience, so that you can safely navigate our beautiful, though sometimes temperamental, islands.

5. What's On

To stay updated on cultural events, concerts, festivals, and local happenings during your trip, check out The website provides a comprehensive events calendar, helping you make the most out of your visit by experiencing the vibrant culture and entertainment the islands have to offer.


A significant part of any travel experience is tasting the local cuisine. is your gateway to finding Faroese food and traditional dishes. If you need to find restaurants close to your accommodation, or if you’re happy to go the extra mile to experience extraordinary cuisine, this is the website for you. Don't forget to sample the unique flavours of the islands, including freshly caught seafood and lamb specialties.


Interested in Faroese news? is the sole English-only news outlet which provides you with a deeper insight into life on the Faroe Islands. Discover local news, stories, and community events, giving you a sense of the island's everyday life. Explore the cultural nuances and unique aspects of Faroese living through this valuable resource.

8. Faroe Islands Live

It’s always good to be prepared and aware of the weather, before heading out for the day. Faroe Islands Live gives you live photos from different locations around the islands, so that you can see what what the weather is like, wherever your end-destination might be!

9. Múlafossur Cottages

I'm not sure how you’ve stumbled upon this article, but keep an eye out for further helpful blog posts on our website Right now, there is one about 10 Essential tips for your trip to the Faroe Islands. We write them first and foremost so that our guests at Múlafossur Cottages in Gásadalur can feel as comfortable and prepared as possible, but we hope they can be a help to others too!

We hope you find these websites helpful, and that you have an amazing time on the Faroe Islands.

Happy exploring,
- Múlafossur Cottages